Sunday, November 15, 2009

Middle School Speech Tournament

Yesterday was our school district's  Middle School Speech Tournament.  The Lone Star Girl entered in group improvisation, duet acting and impromptu speaking.  She was heartbroken not to advance to semi-finals in group improv., as she considers that very much her thing, but the judge's written critique was complimentary - it was just a very competitive round.  She got to semi-finals with her partner in duet acting with a scene from Antigone.  They hadn't had much time to practice and I was kind of surprised they made it that far.  But impromptu speaking!  Wow! She was amazing!  She really rocked the impromptu speaking category, which is really a hard category.  You draw three topics, then have to choose one.  You then get three minutes to prepare a speech on the topic and then deliver it.   She was very obviously the best in the finals, although a few of the kids were quite good.  She won first place!  I'm proud of my drama girl!