Sunday, November 22, 2009

Service, Soccer Parties and Storms

On Friday evening, I got home and canceled the Daisy meeting because our yard and the sides of the street were all flooded from the rather impressive amount of rain we are suddenly getting (I think the drought's over).  There was a message on the answering machine from the league lady that Saturday's soccer game was canceled because the field was all flooded.  Saturday's game was to be the last of the season and we were going to have a soccer party a bit after it at noon at the playground located in the now-flooded fields.  Lone Star Pa started making calls to let the team know the game was canceled and to try to re-schedule the party but one parent said we should just have the party at the same time at her house so we planned on that.  

Early Saturday morning, we met the Daisy Girl Scouts at the local Food Bank to unload the canned goods their school had collected (one can for each lap they completed in their trike-a-thon - they collected over 400 pounds of food!) and learn a little bit about the Food Bank.   I just love seeing these tiny kids get so involved in community service.  

After the Food Bank, we ate breakfast and hurried home to do a few things and headed out again to the soccer party.  The parents who volunteered their house live really close to us, in our same neighborhood, but remarkably were not flooded - I think ours is the second lowest street in the neighborhood and floods more than the others but one. The party was very nice.  The kids got trophies and metals and played and ate.  One of the moms made a very impressive cookie cake decorated with a soccer ball and flames for the team's name - the volcanoes.  It was fun.

We ran some errands in the afternoon - to the pet store to get guinea pig bedding, to Rainbow Books, and to the library so the Lone Star Girl could strategically check on the silent auction items she had bid on at the library's book sale and silent auction minutes before it ended.  At the pet store, the girls fell in love with a kitten and I had to be a very hard-hearted mommy and refuse them, even when they came up with the cutest little debate points and clung to the bars of the cage (okay - these things were mainly only cute when the LSB did them).   We drove around a demolition site next to the library and looked at everything.  I wanted to get the grocery shopping out of the way but the sky started to look scary again so we went home and made chalupas instead.   A good day.

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