Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Tradition: Our Animal Friends In Winter

I sort of treat Thanksgiving as the beginning of winter.  We don't have the sort of winters that many folks have.  It rarely freezes and we are bitterly cold when it's in the fifties.  Our only real Thanksgiving tradition that we came up with ourselves is to start trying to take care of the animals that live outside as it gets cold.  This year we made popcorn and cranberry chains that we hung on a tree for the birds and scattered lots of old bread in the yard.  It was fun watching the birds come to eat.  We've got some birdseed and pine cones and are planning to make pine cone bird feeders soon.


Andrea said...

Nice! I'd love to do this this year (and I love how you're outside doing it in short-sleeves!!)

Lone Star Ma said...

That's not me - it's the Girl.