Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rad Fam Field Trips

We stopped off in Austin on our way to San Antonio on Monday to visit some of the Lone Star Girl's favorite places - anarchist and other radical bookstores, and Whole Foods.

We went to Monkeywrench Books and Book Woman and got a new supply of bumper stickers and buttons. The Lone Star Girl was tickled that Monkeywrench still had a lot of copies of the last issue of Lone Star Ma on display, with her fifth grade graduate self on the cover. I found a nice birthday gift for Jazz at Book Woman. You could feel my girl just breathing that particular Austin subculture in - that's where she belongs.

We then went to Bookpeople, which is just a regular bookstore, but it's independent and as big as a big chain store, so it's really fun. I got the Lone Star Baby some astronaut ice cream at the camping store next door and we checked out the Whole Foods on Lamar - the big one, where we had never gone before, although I had been in it back in the day before it got so big and fancy. The Lone Star Girl was all excited about being in the Whole Foods (we have nothing like a Whole Foods in Corpus) and the Lone Star Baby played on its rooftop playground in the gloaming-to-dark before we headed out for San Antonio where we spent Monday night in a motel. More on our San Antonio adventures coming. It's good to do these things together - it may seem silly, but it sort of reminds us of who we are.


mtb0001 said...

Aww, man! Next time you find yourself coming through Austin, I'd love to meet up. We might even be able to house you, though we'd need advance notice to de-clutter.

mtb0001 said...

That was Marianne from Facebook and UNT, btw. I just realized you probably didn't know my alternative identity.

Lone Star Ma said...

Hi! Tue - I would have wondered who this friendly Austin MTB001 person was - thanks for the invite! We'd love to see you if you are tolerant of wild little folks.