Saturday, December 13, 2008

Silver Award

I was Girl Scout Leader back when our girls were Daisies and for the first two years of Brownies*. After I had the Lone Star Baby, another wonderful mom took over for the last year of Brownies and our wonderful current Troop Leader has had them since they started Juniors. I fully expected to owe another turn once they became Cadettes, but our Leader has graciously stayed on with them, knowing that a Daisy troop is in my future.

I haven't helped much with the troop since the Lone Star Baby came along, and I knew it was time to start pitching in more this year. Cookie mom is the one job I never, ever want to have so I agreed to be the troop's Silver Award advisor as they work on their Silver Award this year and next year.

Things are going to be busy.

*Rules have changed recently so that now they spend two years in each level, but it was different then. - they had one year of Daisies and three years each of Brownies and Juniors.


Saints and Spinners said...

I missed out! I never got to be a Daisy. Pooh. Can I be a Daisy now? I don't think I'd be a good cookie mom. I'm more of a textiles person.

Saints and Spinners said...

P.S. That last comment was all about me. How silly. What does being a Silver Award advisor entail?

Lone Star Ma said...

I like hearing about you! You did miss out on Daisies, though - it's fun and the best part? They are considered too young to sell cookies!

I am planning to be a total slacker silver award mom - I already told them that they had better be prepared to be independent. I am just going to make sure they stay on track with all the requirements for the patches and charms they need to earn and the leadership hours and the paperwork and that they stay safe and legal and all as they do their projects.

Eileen Flanagan said...

Girl Scouts were so important to me as a kid, I feel a bit guilty for not being a leader now, or even getting my daughter involved. I got to travel to Sweden and Iceland in high school because of the Scouts, as well as learning how to camp and many other gifts. Good for you for doing something to be involved.