Sunday, July 31, 2005

Clothing the Lone Star Girl

The Lone Star Girl is just so freakin' cute. We keep preparing for a garage sale that keeps getting postponed and I have handed down to her a number of very bohemian articles of clothing that were tight, sexy little things on me ten years ago and that can pass as huge tunics on her...almost. She loves them even though they are huge and is having so much fun bopping around in her "new" clothes.

As much as she likes my funky hand-me-downs, it took some doing to get her to the thrift store last weekend to shop for school clothes. She lightened up when we got her three pairs of jeans, three pairs of capris and four tops for under $34, though. She really liked her haul. All of the tops and one pair of the jeans are black...she is going through some sort of beatnik phase. I do not get Shopping-Mama of The Year Award, though, because we still had not gotten THE PLAID DRESS. We have a family tradition that every year she gets a new plaid dress for the first day of school. Oddly, the only store that ever seems to have plaid dresses for school-aged girls is Burlington's and they generally have an ample selection - weird. So we went to Burlington's and picked out a new plaid dress and then we were finished with our school clothes shopping for another year. Ole'.

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