Sunday, July 10, 2005

Small Accomplishments

So I have these two new nursing bras and I am quite excited to have them. I couldn't really afford to be buying bras, but I was down to only one nursing bra and it was stretched out, "unsupportive" and had holes in I truly needed to get a couple more. I got the cheapest ones I could find and I'm really happy with what they do for me, so to speak, but I do find them a little hard to fasten back up after nursing.

Today, my older daughter was in the regional swim meet and I took the baby, who was feeling pretty cranky and uncooperative, to watch her. The baby couldn't decide if she really wanted to nurse or not and kept popping on and off the breast and fussing to get up, get down, etc. I found myself unable to re-fasten the nursing bra while holding her in my lap and was a little annoyed with the sensation of leaving it unfastened under my shirt. I took the baby outside for a walk when she got really fussy and, as I was walking along, managed to hook the nursing bra cup back in place with one hand. Yes! It may not seem like much, but I felt pretty happy with myself.

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