Friday, July 08, 2005

Mother-In-Law Crushes

My eldest is only nine years old but I am already getting these. I call them mother-in-law crushes because I find myself gazing fondly at these boys, then catching myself and hoping they don't think I'm some frumpy Mrs. Robinson: No, dear boy...I don't want you for myself. I just want you for her. There's a very nice young lifeguard at the pool who is ever so nice to his little brother...she could marry him. There is that charming boy on the swim team who wants to be the next coach...she could marry him. There is also that very nice boy whose little sister is in her Girl Scout troop...she could marry him, too. Any of those three would be fine with me, I think. I made the mistake of sharing the fact of these musings with the child and had then to deal with all that simulated vomit. I do remember feeling the same way about the boys my mom thought would make good matches...only now do I see the folly of my ways! Ah, well. She's young yet and I expect to add a lot of mother-in-law crushes to my list before we are through!

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Veloute said...

I love this! I can see myself doing this. I actually do a little bit already (shhhhh).