Monday, July 11, 2005

Sundays at CVS

The baby is rather high-need. Quite so. She spends most of her non-daycare time glued to my body and, while I certainly understand her need for me, after more than a year it is starting to wear me out. She is not one to allow me to put her in the backpack and cook or clean or accomplish household tasks, either. Her babywearing time seems to require larger motion than most household tasks require...she becomes antsy if I stay in one place for too long while holding or wearing her. So, we have to go places. Places where I can walk. The library and the bookstore and the grocery store are favored choices when the outside laps have grown wearisome, but lots of places close early on Sundays...hence our time at CVS.

CVS never closes. It is open whenever I need a place to pace, so lately I have been taking the baby there for little sanity-saving outings on Sunday evenings. Sometimes we have photos or medicine to pick up, but usually we are not there to buy, just to walk. The baby enjoys the brightly colored merchandise and the bright lights do wonders for my state of mind, which at times suffers from the bad lighting in my house.

CVS used to be Eckerd's and I am still not really accustomed to the new layout, but I am getting there. I have a feeling that soon it will be, like the library that has seen so much of our walking, a home away from home.

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