Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cautious But Happy Gratitude

We must keep our eyes closely on the Senate until the Republican majority is out, but Friday was a giant victory for American health care, and a giant win against the genocide of people with serious illnesses and disabilities.

We must keep watch and stand ready to fight further but we did a great job resisting the terrible GOP health care bills.

The very highest credit must go to the activists of ADAPT who, more than any other protestors, risked their lives to resist these bills.  They are the true heroes.

Credit also goes to all the people who kept the pressure on their legislators with visits, calls and emails and to the Democratic Senators who never waivered and the sprinkling of Republican moderates, like Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski, who stood up for their constituents instead of their cruel party.

We must keep watch, but I am happy we have these good days.

Thank you, Mamas.


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