Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Action Alert: More Health Care Votes This Week: Keep Calling

God Bless Senators Collins and Murkowski for voting no on the motion to proceed yesterday.  Unfortunately, Capito and other moderates caved and the motion passed.  

Fortunately, the horrible BRCA Bill, with Senator Cruz' even more horrible amendment, did not pass.

More versions will be voted on this week.  All of them will be bad.  The first may well be a total repeal without replacement bill.  Failing that, Republicans are discussing a "skinny repeal" but have not been extremely forthcoming on what it will include.  The Senate may call votes on many versions of repeal without giving us much or any chance to review the amendments they are adding.

Worse, even if they pass a very watered down version of repeal, the idea is to then go to Conference Committee with the House and figure out something between the horrible AHCA House Bill and whatever the Senate may pass, that they can both agree upon.  Depending on who is on that Conference Committee, that is where everything the moderates took out for the better, could put put right back in for the worse without the full Congress even getting to vote on it again.

And that is why this still looks pretty bad.

If you, my out of state friends, have Democratic Senators, please call them daily and encourage them to use the parliamentary process and call points of order on everything that the GOP tries to get past that is not really a budget matter.  The reconciliation process is really for budget matters and that is what  they can do with a simple majority.  If the Senate veers too far into policy matters, they need a 60-vote majority to be filibuster-proof.  Don't let them get by with reconciliation.  Have your Democratic Senators call points of order whenever they are out of bounds.

Texas Mamas and others in states with Republican Senators, keep calling every day and please tell your Senators to vote against final passage of the health care bill.

This will not keep until next week.  It may not keep until tomorrow.

Please call now and every day.  We are almost out of time.

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