Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blake Wishes He Could Duel Women Senators Who Oppose Genocide

Once again, I am humiliated by my Congressman.  This week Blake Farenthold called Senators Collins, Murkowski and Capito, who said they might vote against BRCA "repugnant" (because apparently listening to your constituents and not wanting to kill hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people is repugnant to him) and added that if they were men, he might settle things with them "Aaron Burr style" (does the Congressman admire Aaron Burr?  Really?).

While I am pretty sure I would get a visit from the FBI if I said something like what the Congressman said, he is totally offended that his comments got a ton of negative attention in the media and has now said he was obviously being tongue-in-cheek (ew)  and that the comments meant nothing.

But he also said the President's pussy grabbing remarks were just "locker room banter" and meant nothing.

I wish my community would help me elect an actual adult to represent us in Congress.

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