Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Action Alert: Health Care Vote Today - Call Your Senators And Tell Them To Vote No!

The lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans with serious illnesses and disabilities are on the line today.

The Senate votes any minute now on a motion to proceed on the health care vote.  If that vote passes, as it very well might, they will vote on the horrible BRCA health care bill which would take us back to the days of lifetime limits on coverage, limits which, prior to the ACA, resulted in the deaths of people with serious illnesses very frequently.

If their BRCA vote fails, they may vote on a straight repeal of the ACA with no replacement which would also take us back to the days of lifetime limits.

Or they might vote on....anything.  The Freedom Caucus, which seems determined to enact genocide on disabled Americans by stripping all protections, could add any amendment they like to make this horrible legislation even worse.  They could vote without our even being able to see the legislation first.

Please call your Senators right now, Mamas, and tell them to vote no today!!


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