Sunday, February 26, 2017

Protect Our Free And Independent Press

The most important protection that democracy has is a free and independent press.  In America, the corporate take-over of so many media outlets by so few large corporations has endangered this already to some extent, but our free and independent press has never been threatened the way it is being threatened now by the current president's efforts to discredit and exclude any members of the press who report negatively on his work.  The only places where this kind of thing happens are fascist regimes.  The Only Places Where This Kind Of Thing Happens Are Fascist Regimes.

We have often patted ourselves on the backs as Americans when we see this sort of behavior in Russia and China, because our press is free, not controlled by the government.  Now our government is trying to suppress the press just like these fascist regimes suppress theirs.

It cannot be allowed to happen.

Please let the president and your representatives in Congress know that we will not allow our press to be suppressed in this manner.

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