Thursday, February 23, 2017

Farenthold Thinks Tea-Partiers Are His Only Constituents

Farenthold has been in town some this week, but not available to meet with his constituents in his Congressional Office.  Local faith leaders tried to organize a visit to speak to him about immigration policies.  They called his office almost every weekday for two months to try to set up a meeting, at any time that he could meet during the recess at all. They were finally told that he would not have time to meet with them and they would have to speak to his District Director, which they did, on Monday.

Guess what he did have time for, though?  Tonight he stopped by the local Tea Party meeting to tell his precious little deplorables that all of the constituents who have been trying so hard to reach him about immigration issues and their need to maintain health insurance are just a small vocal minority who he does not have to listen to because they don't matter.

He spent a great deal of time at the meeting discussing his plans to destroy the ACA, especially the parts for the poorest Americans.

He straight up mocked his constituents who have been calling him saying that their daughters (I sort of feel like he was talking about me because I have been calling about this, but I know that terrified mothers like myself are legion) will be dying on the street without the ACA.  

He wanted to know where these dying people were eight years ago.  

What a fortunate fellow to have not known sick people who died for lack of healthcare.  

Of course, they did.  We all know people who did.  The Nueces County Medical Society has some numbers if he wants them, but he knows that.  

He just thinks the danger our children are in is some kind of joke.


Anonymous said...

He has time for real Americans who elected him and they will elect him again.

Lone Star Ma said...

His job is to represent all of his district, not just the ones whose concerns are exactly the same as his. Real Americans respect the responsibilities of democracy.

Lone Star Ma said...

Also, are you saying that the faith leaders in our community are not real Americans? Just wow.