Sunday, February 05, 2017

Buenos Dias

Buenos Dias, Mamas.

I have been away from the blog for some time again, just with so much else to do.  I have been making my phone calls and writing my letters, though.  We can't stop, every day we must do something.

So much has happened... from the park rangers going rogue and rising up to lead the resistance with hero attorneys and, more surprises, Teen Vogue (seriously - have you seen the stuff they are publishing?) on the good so, so much tragedy and hate on the bad. 

I work hard to keep love and hope in my heart.  You can't really survive as a Mama without hope, you can't possibly give up because no stakes are higher than what you risk when you allow yourself to become a mother to someone you might lose.  So many mothers have always faced that loss, that fear, with fierce hope and courage and now the fingers of that fear reach out to more of us, to many of us who used to have the privilege not to be so afraid every moment.  That privilege can always be taken away, though.  We must always know that when anyone has to fear such loss, we all do.

And we should care.  Regardless.  We should be tender enough of the hearts of other mothers everywhere to always care and work hard for each other.

Make it a daily discipline, Mamas, for all of us.  Call.  Write.  March.  Do what you can - at least one thing each day.  Rest, too.  Stay connected to sunshine and salt air and growing vegetables.  The struggle is long, not something you can ever have the luxury of believing that you can finish again, because it is always with us and we must always do the work.  Build a life with community so that you can keep resisting the darkness, every day.  I am part of that community for you , I hope, and I hope you are part of it for me.

Lone Star Ma

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