Sunday, November 06, 2016

We Must Defeat Trump To Protect Democracy

Hillary Clinton is an excellent candidate for President who has done many progressive things (disability rights, school desegregation, the children's health insurance program, to name a few) and has tons of experience which should be reason enough to vote for her.

That said, electing her is also the only way to defeat Trump on Tuesday and we must defeat Donald Trump.

There are lots of racist, sexist, bigoted and scary things that I don't like about Trump and I have been sharing them but there are two that I think deserve a lot more attention than they are getting because they threaten the very fabric of our shining democracy:

Donald Trump has stated that he may not accept the outcome of the election if he does not win, essentially threatening a possible coup.

 Donald Trump talks a lot about suppressing the free and independent press and frequently threatens to do so. 

 There is no place for that kind of totalitarian talk in these United States.


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