Sunday, November 13, 2016

Action Alert: No Lifetime Limits

Before the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans tended to have lifetime limits which meant that they stopped covering a person after that person became "too expensive".  This is how many people with disabilities and chronic illnesses lost their health insurance.  

Let's write letters every day, Mamas.

Today's letters could be to your Congressional Representative and your Senators and Speaker Ryan and the President-Elect (I actually can't get my computer to connect with his website today but I will find one that will; also my letter is too long for the space Senator Cruz' contact form allows so I am calling tomorrow to ask for an actual email address or something), please, and you can ask them not to repeal the provision of the ACA that prohibits insurance companies from having lifetime limits.

Please, Mamas.  It is people's lives.  People like my daughter.

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