Sunday, November 20, 2016

Action Alert: Do Not Allow Bans on Pre-Existing Conditions

Before the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans also tended to deny people health coverage due to pre-existing conditions.  HIPPA significantly helped to limit this, but it was still a problem.  Risk pools, the answer that many Republicans offer for this problem, never really worked very well because it is easy to see how putting all the people who are really ill in one group will make that group too expensive to manage. Risk pools end up with lower lifetime limits than most other plans as well as often unaffordable premiums, for this reason.  The ACA sought to fix this.

Are you writing your letters, Mamas?

Today's letters could be to your Congressional Representative and your Senators and Speaker Ryan and the President-Elect, please, and you can ask them not to repeal the provision of the ACA that prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage to people based upon pre-existing conditions.

Please, Mamas.  It is people's lives. 

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