Sunday, November 20, 2016

Crayon Ban at Karnes

According to RAICES, ICE has informed the Karnes Pro Bono Project that children in the visitation area at the Karnes Family Detention Center are no longer allowed to have crayons.  Apparently, the kids were getting crayon marks on things and that "destruction" of "contractor property" could not be allowed to continue.  It is pretty hard for attorneys and imprisoned toddlers to have meaningful conversations about legal status as it is, being as how toddlers do not have a nuanced understanding of asylum issues beyond the whole abject terror thing, so asking them not to use crayons, in addition to being cruel and developmentally damaging, is quite damaging to their ability to express their case to their attorneys.

Please tell ICE to give the kids back their colors, Mamas.  Or better yet, to let them go stay with their American family members instead of being imprisoned.

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