Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas-y Day

We got all decorated and set up and ready for Advent on the day after Thanksgiving when the Girl was home.  We put up the "tree" and all the ornaments and decorations the girls have made and our little nativities and Advent calendars.

We haven't really kept up with the Advent calendars since, though, or done anything very Christmas-y at home; we have all been so busy with school.  Today was a very Christmas-y day, though.  We took the Girl Scouts to the nursing home to do their bilingual caroling, which they do every year and it was great.  Every year, the girls get braver and more independent and kind.  It is so wonderful to watch them grow!

At home, the Lone Star Baby actully helped me make these Christmas cards for a little while.

Then she got us caught up on the Advent calendars (ours involves little books that tell parts of the Nativity Story) and we wrapped some presents.  It was nice.

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Andrea said...

It's nice to slow down the busy-ness and celebrate a little.