Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Caroling, Cookies, the Force and Kris Kringle

Night before last, the Episcopal Church in our neighborhood was organizing Christmas caroling in the neighborhood and the Lone Star Girl and I went along.  Our Friends Meeting actually meets in the oratory of that Church so, while we are not part of the congregation, we kind of do go to church there, as well as it being part of our neighborhood.  I could not get the Lone Star Baby and Lone Star Pa to  come, but I hope it can be a family tradition for the Christmas season in the future - it was fun.  

For days now, we have been making Christmas cookies for the neighbors and local kin - gingerbread,  orange cardamom, cocoa chile, snicker doodles, jam thumbprints and chocolate pretzels. We are still working on them because we are also re-watching all the Star Wars movies before going to see The Force Awakens, which we are not doing until after Christmas, so no spoilers please.  When we are done baking cookies, the Kris Kringling can begin!

We also need to catch up on our Advent calendars tonight because we are way behind.

Traditions new and old, and all this holiday bustle!

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