Sunday, December 06, 2015

Book Arts: Library Field Trip

The Girl Scouts are working on their Book Artist badge and on Saturday they had a field trip to the library.  The dear, patient children's librarian, who is probably getting quite tired of our troop's frequent library doings, told them all about book bindings and covers and how to repair books (and books on CD) and they all got a turn at trying it.  Librarians are the best.  Then I sent the girls on a bit of a scavenger hunt through the stacks to find books with colophons and to share with each other the publishers, imprints and colophons they found.  At our next meeting, they will design a colophon for the publishing imprint they would start if they started one.  

Book arts sometimes seem fated to become lost arts in the not-too-distant future but librarians and Girl Scouts will keep them alive!

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