Saturday, October 04, 2014

Fall Nightshade Garden

This fall, my container gardening is mostly nightshades.  In early September, I put in a bunch of little eggplant starts in the kiddie pool gardens which have yielded several delicious dinners, as well as a nice big chile pequin.  I planted a ghost pepper in its own pot and two biggish sungold cherry tomato plants in my tire"pots".  

I really think I have discovered the secret to a great cherry tomato yield, people - my recycled tire planters.  I have stacked two old tires, filled them up with potting soil and a medium tomato cage and dropped in the tomato plant.  I have a pair of these planters, with one tomato plant in each (4 tires total - two tomato plants total, in case that didn't make sense).  The tomatoes just keep growing and ripening and growing and ripening and growing and ripening - wow.

Off the theme, I also planted a bunch of purple basil, because you have to have basil.  And I added a big giant strawberry plant to the hanging garden and have a couple of little begonias I am also going to add to the hanging garden.

Most of what's left is the multitudes of mothers of thousands all over all my pots and yard.  There may actually be thousands.

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