Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blockwalking For Battleground And Doing All The Things

I went block-walking this evening to spread the word about early voting.  I was feeling pretty useless at first because my neighborhood, where a Battleground organizer also lives, has been a real hotbed of organizing today and I feel guilty for just taking one short shift this evening and, previously, a very few whenever I could fit them in.  I have been in one of those times when I feel like my many roles keep me from satisfying the people involved in any one role - the family, work, friends, active citizens, the Girl Scout troop:  it just seems like there is always someone who has more time to give than I do in each scenario and I have a great capacity for guilt over this in each and every role.

While out walking, though, some former students of mine saw me and ran over and hugged me and were really happy to see me and their mom talked to me about voting and I remembered that, really, all of my roles are important.  And maybe it is the intersection of all of them in which my life is lived which makes my life useful - not the all that I cannot give to any one.  So I felt better. Even though my little one does not really feel well tonight and I am planning to make her go to school tomorrow anyway since she has no fever or vomiting or such and I feel guilty about that but also think it a slippery slope to do otherwise:  that role difficulty again.

Yesterday I ran errands and graded papers while facilitating a play date for my young one.  

I finished counting and submitting the Box Tops for her school today, too (still have to mail them this week). I knocked on over 30 doors to talk about early voting.

Called my mom and my brother.  Grocery shopped.  Read some of The Hobbit to my young one until she fell asleep. 

Some things.  Maybe not all the things, but some.

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