Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random Sunday

The Lone Star Baby is having a ruthless spate of room cleaning, emerging every once in awhile to ask "Is this special?" before she chunks something.  It is a bit scary but I am glad she possesses the impulse.  We have come to a compromise on the scope of continued math and reading practice once school starts and I do hope it holds. Also, I am making her wear her glasses.  And her school simply will not answer questions about morning and aftercare arrangements even though it starts Thursday.

The Lone Star Girl is working on her Gold Award Report.

I am treating a terrible headache (we spent much of yesterday shopping for and then visiting people because everyone seems to be in the hospital now and I think headaches are one of my ways of worrying about sick people besides books and bears) with coffee and cicada songs and fiction but I need to get up and do looking-through-important-college-things for Eldest and calling-all-the-people things and Girl Scout things and cooking things and bill paying and all such manner of things.

Sometimes I wish our house had a hallway (not as much as I wish the one bathroom was not falling apart or that the furnace was not on its last legs) for painting murals on, but bungalows don't.  Hallways are such a waste of space, really, except for painting murals on, so if you have one, do be sure to paint a mural on it.  Now.  Hurry.

I don't know what Lone Star Pa is doing but I think he is probably trying unsuccessfully to nap in between times when the Lone Star Baby comes in and says "Is this special?" He has been doing fabulous cleaning work of his own in our room recently, clearing out his piles although I do not think he will quite finish before school starts.  He even, just for me,  made room for the gorgeous little card catalog table/desk/hutch thing that I love that our beloved neighbors gave us last summer before they dreadfully moved.  It had been living in the garage and he got it all sanded and cleaned and placed in our room as an extremely early birthday present to me (but I shall still be 42 for quite a long time yet).

To work!

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