Thursday, August 07, 2014

Action Alert: Support Leticia Van De Putte, A Candidate Who Cares About Texas Education

On Tuesday, Leticia Van De Putte, candidate for Lt. Governor of Texas, released her plan for education. All over the state, teachers and families are rejoicing that there is finally a candidate who seems to both understand and care about the education of our children.  It's so nice to have someone in the election for whom a parent can actually want to vote! 

The key points of Leticia's plan for education in Texas are:

  • Restore full-day funding to quality Pre-K programs
  • Reduce class sizes in Pre-K classrooms
  • Restore funding stolen in 2011 budget cuts
  • Invest in hiring and retaining teachers and give them the resources they need to succeed
  • Support programs that support disadvantaged students
  • End high stakes testing and teaching to the test
  • Expand access to broadband so students can access what technology has to offer
  • Make sure that virtual schools meet state standards 
  • Make sure that charters are controlled by in-state parents and meet state standards

 Now, Mamas:  we have to get her elected.  Start talking to people, start walking the neighborhoods and making the calls, start marching...the children of Texas are counting on it!

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