Monday, June 09, 2014

Summer Reading: Summer Reading Program Kick Off

I honestly meant to post daily about children and reading and such during Children's Book Week, but things have just been too busy.  So, instead, I am aiming for a weekly post on Summer Reading for kids.  Please join me!

Today, our library (Neyland Library) had its Summer Reading Program Kick-Off and I took the Lone Star Baby and got her signed up. We met a friend of hers there and made a day of it.  She also found a Goddess Girls book that she has not read yet to check out so it was a productive trip on all counts, even though she has long outgrown storytime and library crafts (sniff).  She is still all about the Greek mythology (I need the local universities to develop Classics  and Comparative Religion programs really fast, please - she'll be in 5th grade in the fall - you have until she graduates - hurry). 

Have your kids gotten signed up with your local library's Summer Reading Program yet?  What are they reading this summer?  Please post your answers in the comments.

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