Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another College Road Trip

On Tuesday the girls and I headed down to Edinburg again and spent Tuesday and Wednesday on college appointments in attempts to get everything ready for the Lone Star Girl's upcoming move.  Road trip!  We stayed overnight at the Best Western in Edinburg, which is very nice.  The Lone Star Baby loved the motel.

Tuesday was mostly about the dreaded allergies, with appointments at the Health Center, the Disability Services Office, and with residence and dining hall people.  The dining hall guy was disappointing, having done nothing yet despite months of communication and waffling quite a bit, so we will have to keep on that.  Everyone else at the university was extremely helpful both days.

Wednesday was about the Financial Aid office, the Scholarship Office, Admissions to clear up some confusion about AP scores (she was given credit for a class she did not test in but it turns out that was not a mistake - they just gave her credit because her SAT score was so high in that area) and the Honors College office.  Very productive.

We also got to hang around campus and look around a good bit.  We went to the library in Edinburg and picked up some bus maps.  We went back to the South Texas History Museum we had loved so much on a previous visit and showed the Lone Star Baby around.  We were able to get the Lone Star Girl a student membership to the museum for just $10 so she can ride the bus there whenever she likes during the school year - that was wonderful.  We, of course, stopped at the Lone Star Girl's favorite Stripes in Riviera both coming and going.

It was a great trip.  As the Lone Star Girl said, the more we take her there, the more it starts to feel like home to her.


Marianne Tatom said...

Wow! Sounds like a great family trip. I know you will miss her, but she will be doing great things in the world (and already is!).

Andrea said...

So exciting!!