Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Reading; First Star

On Monday, I took the Lone Star Baby to the library to turn in her reading log. She had read her first "ten books" - for the older kids who are reading chapter books, fifty pages counts as a book - and got to put her name on the wall with a star sticker for the first ten books.  She also got the goodie bag of local coupons that you get after you complete ten books.  None of this star sticker incentive stuff is all that exciting to a ten-year-old, but we keep at it because I want to keep creating a strong culture of library use in our family.  The Lone Star Baby was excited to find and check out a Goddess Girls book she hadn't read yet.

I saw a very little boy getting his first star and putting his name on the wall and he was so excited.  He told me all about it and tried to show me his name on the wall.  That's the kind of thing that makes a mama happy.

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