Monday, June 02, 2014

First Day School: More Peace Testimony/Thinking About Future Lessons

Yesterday, only my little one and I were at Meeting and we continued our study of the Peace Testimony.  We are, due to our poor attendance, still reading Number the Stars, although we are almost finished and, since she is my only pupil at present, we took it home and should finish it today.  Then we will talk atom bomb, internment camps and Cold War, as she needs a little more history of these events and how they interacted with people's testimonies for peace.

Last week, after hearing her older sister sister talk about a research project she did on Jainism back in 5th grade, and my adolescent flirtations with a Jain diet, the Lone Star Baby started looking up Jainism on the internet and comparing and contrasting its belief system with her own.  It made me proud to see her seeking.  We really must complete our study of the Testimonies by the end of this next school year, so that we can begin the Neighboring Faiths curriculum I have borrowed from the Unitarians, which the Lone Star Girl got so much out of, when she is a Junior Young Friend in 6th grade.

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