Sunday, November 04, 2012

Vote For A Texas Rose!

Rose Meza Harrison (unlike her opponent, who does not believe in public education) supports funding public education so that class sizes are manageable, allowing students to get the attention they need so that they can be prepared for the future.  She supports the inclusion of the arts in education, as well as strong math and science instruction.  She supports early childhood education programs and affordable higher education as well.

Rose Meza Harrison believes in protecting the vulnerable of our society - the children, elderly, poor and sick - rather than sacrificing them on the altar of corporate greed.  Her opponent believes in slashing programs that help the needy.

Rose Meza Harrison believes that we can develop renewable energy sources that are clean and safe and allow us to be energy-independent.  Her opponent believes in abolishing the EPA and allowing polluters to have free reign without regulation.

Rose Meza Harrison supports women's rights and heath.  Her opponent believes we should eliminate programs that provide health care to uninsured women and could not be bothered to vote on fair pay for women.

Our community needs Rose Meza Harrison in Congress.

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