Sunday, November 11, 2012

Local Results of The Election

It looks like South Texas will still have a worthless Congressional delegation with Farenthold in the House, and Cruz, even worse than his predecessors, in the Senate.  I'm still having a hard time with the fact that people would elect someone as far out on the crazy right-wing fringe as Cruz is in these parts.  Maybe they just looked at his name.  Maybe re-re-districting will help.  Pretty grim for now.

I'm glad that we still have Senator Hinojosa in the Texas Senate and that our wonderful, smart, ethical Abel Herrero defeated Connie Scott and won his seat "back", so to speak, in the Texas House.  The new lines took our house out of his district where it used to be, though, and we have to contend with Representative Hunter, a Republican who ran unopposed - le sigh.

I'm not fussed that the Sheriff was re-elected.  He may be a Republican, but his opponent was nothing to write home about. I wish David Torres had won a seat on the Commissioner's Court - he would have been great.

I have little faith in many of the people who were elected (re-elected) to the City Council in Corpus Christi, but I am thrilled that Priscilla Leal was re-elected and super-crazy-glad that Nelda Martinez is our new Mayor.  They truly care about doing what's right.  As for the rest, we'll see. 

I will withhold judgement on whether the CCISD School Board will be improved by this election until I see what happens with teachers' health insurance, class sizes  and the consultation process next school year.  There is a lot of room for improvement.

And now - we start working on the next election!

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