Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Glories of Dual-Language Montessori Lower El

My third grader has it good.  She spends most of her mornings immersed in her work cycle - operations, grammar, geometry, fractions, phonograms, Spanish, SRAs, silent reading, word study, creative writing - and once she has taken care of business, she gets to delve into the projects.

Last week, she and a partner gave a presentation of their research on Saturn in Spanish and in English.  She just brought home another enormous map creation - this one of North America.  Tomorrow, she is presenting a Jupiter research project.  She and her sister made sugar cookies (with a red hot on each to represent the Great Storm) to pass out during the presentation and I found myself checking the ingredients and telling her that she could tell her friend that they are halal because there is nothing in them that is not okay for her friend to eat.  She is also researching frogs at the moment.  

She plays card games like an addict in morning care and runs around like a monkey in after care. 

It is good.