Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Post About Writing

Even though I have the heebie-jeebies about how much I need to get done before Monday, I took time out today to send off two essays and five poems to potential publishers.  These were mainly things I had already written, but it still seemed like a lot of effort and time stolen.  I make so many resolutions, but you know what?  

I still haven't finished the introduction to my manuscript.  

I did work on it a little this week - a very little.  I feel so much better when I write, but it is so hard to find the time.  I'll be forty on my next birthday in September and my credits thus far are a smattering of small presses and sites.  I want to do better, but see little way to change my output in the near future.  I will try to keep plugging away slowly.  Please send encouragement often.


Andrea said...

Yea! Congrats on progress and baby steps. I wish I had the magic spell for making spinning time from straw, but I don't, and writing always seems to take not even the back seat--it's more like clinging by its fingernails to the rear bumper. Good luck!!

Saints and Spinners said...

I'm proud of you! You inspire me.

Lone Star Ma said...

Thank y'all.