Thursday, September 09, 2010

Flu Shot Mama

Last Saturday, Lone Star Pa, the Lone Star Girl (even though she was sick - the doctor said to go ahead) and I got flu shots (now including the H1N1 vaccine!) at Walgreen's.  I had called around a bit.  They were only giving them to people ages 9 and up.  I checked with the Lone Star Baby's pediatrician's office and they said they don't expect to get theirs until October.  I checked with the Health Dept. and they have no idea when they are getting theirs.

The Lone Star Girl, with her allergies and asthma, is the one I worry about the most so I am very glad she has gotten her shot, and that we adults have, but I still want to get one for the Lone Star Baby sooner than October.  The kids I see at school are already getting sick a lot.  I saw that H-E-B was giving them so I called them and they said only seven and up - sigh.  I will keep stalking it...

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