Friday, December 18, 2009

A Very Daisy Christmas

I am so bursting with pride for my little Daisy Girl Scout Troop!  We took them Christmas caroling at a nursing home tonight and they were wonderful!  Just wonderful!  We had sort of planned for standing in the dining hall and singing but the timing was off and lots of the people living at the nursing home were in their rooms and hallways already so they asked if we could walk up and down the halls singing.  We had only practiced 5 songs, but those little Daisy Girl Scouts sang them over and over and over again, walking up and down all the halls and handing out the ornaments they had made to the people we passed.  They darted into rooms and gave people ornaments, singing all the while and shaking the maracas that our wonderful Cookie Mom brought along. 

They were so brave!  When I used to take the Lone Star Girl's Brownie Troop caroling at this nursing home, they were really scared at first, but these little Daisy Girl Scouts were courageous from the get-go.  They were so happy to freely give their songs and smiles and little presents.  I am so proud of them!!!!

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