Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Day School: Christmas

Since we only meet twice each month, on our first Meeting in December, I went over all four Advent lessons with the Lone Star Baby instead of doing them one at a time.  It worked well.  She likes the idea of the Prophets pointing the way to Bethlehem.  She was rather struck by the idea of Bethlehem in general, I think.  In her work time, she ignored most of the materials I had set out and took out paper and markers and drew Bethlehem using the wooden city from the lesson as a model. 

This past Sunday, we did a lesson the mystery of Christmas using materials taken from Madeleine L'Engle's The Glorious Impossible. It was very nice.  The church where we meet had apparently had a pageant and they had a rather wonderful home-made creche set still up on the labyrinth (no figures, just the set) so we visited it.  The Lone Star Baby took a baby doll from the Sunday School room and pretended to be Mary with Baby Jesus.  I got to be Joseph.  I also got to be Simeon at the Temple.  After the Magi came to visit, we fled to Egypt down the hall.  Mary was very firm that we should not return to Nazareth until it was safe.

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