Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Power On

We left Corpus early on Thursday morning to move the Girl back into college because it looked like the then-predicted "Tropical Storm" Harvey would make travel difficult on Saturday when we had planned to move her in.  She had also been ill for a couple of days and we were concerned about her being stuck here with possibly minimal access to emergency health care in a tropical storm and with possibly no refrigeration for her medications if we lost power.We meant to drop her and her stuff off and drive back that night and get back in time to board up and ride out the storm. I was worried to leave her there when she had been sick, but it seemed like the best of several less than ideal choices when we decided to do it on Thursday morning.

Well.  Once we arrived in the RGV late morning, the forecast had changed from "strong tropical storm to minimum Category 1" to, um Category 3. So we stayed in the Valley.  We were pretty sure we would be homeless by the time it was said and done.

By Saturday, we were realizing that Corpus had mostly dodged it and it might not be so bad.  My dad (I tried to get him to leave - really) had stayed and he went and looked at our house and said it looked good.  We came back on Sunday and the water boil was lifted (hallelujah!) before we even got home.  There were downed trees and fences and flimsier structures all over town, few streetlights and little power, but our home was mostly just fine besides some torn up siding and such very minor things.

We were so lucky. 

Rockport was not so lucky.  Port Aransas was not so lucky.  They are about gone.

Houston has been a continuing horror story this week.

Our prayers are with all who have suffered.

Our lights just came back on.  

Corpus is recovering fine but it will be a long time before some of the affected communities recover.  Donate, if you can,  to the Red Cross.  To Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies.  To the Texas Diaper Bank.  There are so many doing God's work and they need our help.

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