Sunday, August 06, 2017

Breastfeeding: An Important Tool In Emergencies

In addition to being vulnerable to hurricanes, my community has had real problems with maintaining a reliably uncontaminated supply of drinking water.  I remember last winter when industry contaminated our water, I was looking for bottled water with the other people lucky enough to be in a position to buy it at the crowded grocery store.  Supplies were dwindling for that morning and I saw a large jug of water on a shelf.  I reached for it and then saw that it was distilled water and I left it there.  We didn't need distilled water - our kids are older now- but the formula fed babies in town might really need it.

When disasters strike, every bit of preparedness helps.  Formula-fed infants are at risk of starvation and illness when disasters cut people off from supplies of formula and when clean water is not available for mixing formula or sterilizing bottles.  Breastfed babies have a clean and immediately available source of safe food and hydration during emergencies.  Breastfeeding also provides considerable protection to infants from the many diseases that can flourish in disaster situations. 

 Breastfeeding can be an important element of disaster preparedness for your family.  Be ready.

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