Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#MothersDayHealthCareRumpus Extended - Send More Cards!!!

 Cards for Senators Cornyn and Cruz:

I have been thinking - we Mamas deserve more than one day - we deserve a whole month - the whole month of May!  I am claiming it as Mother's Month in the name of the #MothersDayHealthCareRumpus!  So make or buy more Mother's Day cards and don't stop sending them to your Senators - save our kids' health care!


1.)  Buy or make some Mothers' Day cards.

2.) In the cards, write polite messages to your Senators that they must not support a health care bill that does not protect people with chronic illnesses and disabilities and they must not pass a health care bill that includes any of the elements of the draconian MacArthur Amendment in the House Bill:

  • There must be no waivers to states from providing essential services (such as medication or care for chronic illnesses)
  • No allowing states to charge people with pre-existing conditions more for health insurance
  • No waivers redefining essential services and thus allowing annual limits 
  • No waivers redefining essential services and thus allowing lifetime limits

3.) Send the cards to each of your U.S. Senators throughout May - don't forget stamps!  You might want to try sending cards to all of your Senators' district offices as well as to their DC office, if you have enough stamps.

4.) Document your action on social media at #MothersDayHealthCareRumpus, especially Twitter.

5.) Share this information about the Rumpus far and let us make a wild, thumping noise about saving our children's health care!

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