Monday, May 29, 2017

Dallas County, Come Get Your Guy

Today, out of what I can only imagine was some racist fear of groups of people who were not all white and rich, Representative Rinaldi of Irving, and other areas of Dallas County, decided that citizens in the state capitol today who were protesting SB 4 must be undocumented immigrants committing a crime (what crime?) because he called ICE to come and deport them.  When members of the Mexican American Caucus in the House took umbrage with his racist bragging about this bizarre act,  journalists and other state representatives report that he threatened to put a bullet in another representative's head. He claims it was self defense.  I personally have never found the Mexican American Caucus to be scary folks, but I guess things look different when you are from Irving.

So I think you better get rid of this guy, North Texas folks. Elect someone with a little more respect and courage, maybe?  I think you deserve better.

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