Thursday, May 04, 2017

Hold The House Death Panel Accountable

There is no more time for tears - we have to tackle the Senate.  

The first step in that, though, is holding the House of Representatives accountable for their evil Nazi ways.  Why, yes - I said Nazi.  The Nazis started with killing people with disabilities and chronic illnesses which has clearly been the Speaker's wet dream since he was a frat boy and now the House is working hard to follow in their footsteps.

We will vote them out in 2018 but we will make it very, extremely clear that we are voting them out before the Senate votes on the Health Care Bill. Our Senators need to see by our repudiation of the House just what will happen to them if they walk this plank.  We are a stormy swallowing sea into which they do not want to fall.

If your Congressperson voted for this deadly monstrosity of a bill, call. Today, tomorrow, the next day.  Let them know they are out, out, out.  Let them know every day.  Write letters to the editors of your local papers about how out your Congressperson is if they voted for the bill - be sure to mention them by name.  

If we want the Senate to listen, if we want to stand beside our sick and disabled brothers and sisters and keep their health care safe, we have to raise a ruckus.  We have to get their attention.

We have just this chance left.  Don't miss it.  We move as one.  Call.

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