Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Colds, Coughing, Cars, Cookies & Kris Kringle

This is my week to Light the candles.

Yesterday was a day of many doctor appointments - the Lone Star Girl's Winter Break-scheduled follow-ups - which was stressful.  This was various specialists - don't even ask me about our ongoing quest to get her in with a decent GP now that she has aged out of the pediatrician's offices, because that has been so ridiculous that I don't think I would believe our story if someone else told it to me.  It was good that the allergist was on the day's list because the little cold she had last week that had seemed better over the weekend had turned into a nasty asthma-y bronchitis that made her steroid-hating doctor prescribe the meds without being asked and say to bring her back if she did not improve, even though he does not generally do acute.  I don't know why I always manage to forget, when her colds are getting better, that that day or two of "well" is just the eye of the storm.  I don't know why she does not let me sleep in her bed when she is so sick so I can listen to her properly either.

Then, on our way home from all the appointments, we were going to pick up our tamale order and, while we were stopped in the turn lane waiting for a chance to turn left into a parking lot, someone turned left out of a side street and ran right into the front of our car. They should not have turned onto the street at all, but if they were going to anyway, they turned narrow and hit us instead of turning onto the street - it was such a strange thing to do that I expect the driver was drunk.  He took off and we could not catch up to get his license plate. Fortunately, we are totally unhurt.  The car is also okay.  It did not feel like it would be, but it was.  A lot to be thankful for!

Today, the Lone Star Baby woke us with a special Christmas Eve Eve breakfast and then we made crazy amounts of cookies and Kris Kringled the near neighbors.  There are: gingerbread women (in pants so they can keep up in the business world, as the Lone Star Girl once said), sugar and gingerbread Captain Americas, Spidermen, Hulk and Tardis cookies, peppermint candy cane, Spidermen and Iron Men cookies, Iraqi orange cardamon cookies, diablo cocoa chile cookies, peanut butter weeping angels and peanut butter chocolate balls.  And after we cleaned the kitchen we played hearts and now the girls are doing some game based on a Taylor Swift song on the Girl's tablet. So today was better.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve. Be well.

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