Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Call For Submissions - Lone Star Ma #11

Call For Submissions - Lone Star Ma #11

Calling for submissions for Issue #11 of Lone Star Ma:  The Magazine of Progressive Texas Parenting And Children's Issues!!!
Issue #11 never really happened last time around, but butter my butt and call me a biscuit -  it is time to get it done now, Mamas!  

For this issue, we are looking for feature articles on the effects of lax enforcement of environmental standards on children in Texas.  We are looking for articles on the effects of racism on families and on how to raise children who do not perpetuate racism.  We are looking for articles on how the Right-Wing War on Women affects mothers and children.  

Specific other topics we would sure as mastitis on a busy vacation like to see:  social services funding in Texas, education in Texas, children's public health in Texas (no pseudoscience - we heart the CDC), urban farming for busy families, the scary Texas State Board of Education, libraries, sex education, breastfeeding, safely avoiding insect-borne tropical diseases and other issues of climate change and family life.  

We also accept essays on mothers' lives and do accept articles on other themes as well if they strike our fancy, so send whatever you think we should consider and we will ponder it.   Please see the general submission information at www.LoneStarMa.com for guidelines and please - pretty please -  consider submitting to our various departments, as well. 

Lone Star Ma wants poetry.  Lone Star Ma wants mama fiction.  Lone Star Ma wants vegetarian recipes (without nuts as nuts are evil over here.) Lone Star Ma wants brilliant articles. What have you got? 

The deadline for submissions is Groundhog Day.  

Raise your voices, y'all. 

xo, Lone Star Ma

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