Friday, December 19, 2014


In a weird twist of fate, a Chipotle's restaurant opened up in our fair city just a short time after the Lone Star Girl moved away to college.  This is extremely exciting to me because I adore Chipotle's.  

No, Silly -  I am not crazy.  I know the food is nothing to write home about or anything.  Remotely.  At all.

The thing is - Chipotle's has literally not one single ingredient in the whole restaurant to which my daughter has anaphylactic allergies.  Not even anything that was processed on something that also processes something she is allergic to - nada.  This basically makes Chipotle's my hero - a bastion of safety and relaxation in a scary restaurant world. I heart it.  Deeply.  I don't care what it tastes like.

Of course, the local Chipotle's not opening until the Girl had moved did dampen my enthusiasm a bit, but just a bit.  We did not try it until after she got back for Winter Break, largely because our town likes new hip eateries and the line was out the door for weeks and weeks.  Now the Girl is back with all her A's from her first semester, though, and we have gone twice in a week's span of days.  

Safely and soundly.  

It's pretty awesome.

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