Thursday, July 24, 2014

The School Supply Shop

We had a nice night with the girls last night finding and purchasing the items on the Lone Star Baby's Far-Too-Specific school supply list from her school.  Even though the school's specificity and the expense of the items they require is quite frustrating and gross, it was fun to see the Lone Star Baby get into finding things with her big sister's assistance.  Warning:  the "It's Time" period when the notebooks and folders are cheapest is already starting to slide some.  We only have a few items left - the less school-y ones like paper towels and storage bags and disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.  Those we will get at the grocery store sometime this week. 


Andrea said...

When I was in Target this morning and saw the temporary school supply aisles were already in place, I felt sick to my stomach. No, no, no, too early! Our kids don't get their lists until school starts--and fortunately they're rarely so specific that we can't get away with recycling last year's supplies (I know a nice shiny new box of crayons is lovely...but not when we already have a zillion partly-used ones!). Usually I can get away with just buying a couple of glue sticks, boxes of tissues and wipes and some granola bars for the snack bin.

Lone Star Ma said...

Lucky, sane person.