Sunday, July 13, 2014

More College

June and early July have been a whirlwind.  As soon as graduation and the birthdays and college appointments were over, there was Cousin Camp and then almost right after, our trip to the wilds of North Texas to see elderly and ailing relatives (not you - you are young and hale) and then we got back for a scant week of doctor appointments and work before it was time to head to UTPA again yesterday.  The Girl wrote an essay for a scholarship contest there and she got picked for the next round to get interviewed on Saturday, so we all went so we could be together and we also checked out the dorm room again so the Girl could think about dimensions and storage.

Today we shopped for some dorm room supplies for the Girl.  She already has a comforter and sheets and towels and hand towels.  We got storage crates and bins and a shower caddy and a toothbrush cup holder and and wash cloths and a lamp.  

I didn't cry.  


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