Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Food

Many of the over 27% of Texas children who are food insecure receive free or reduced price lunch and breakfast at school during the school year, through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National School Lunch Program.  In the summer, though, hunger is often a problem for these kids.  In the summer, children are scattered across communities; not all together in one place where the Department of Agriculture can feed them.  In many communities, there are not enough sites available for the Summer Food Service Program to reach everyone.  Where it does reach children, that one meal a day is often all the child eats during the summer months.

Please support the local agencies that participate in the Summer Food Service Program and try to spread the word on where kids can go to get lunch in your community.  

All of this information can change, but in Corpus, according to the City's website, lunch is served from 11:30pm until 1pm to youth ages 1 - 18.  No paperwork or anything like that is needed to participate.  According to the City of Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department, which administers the program, lunch is served at the following locations:

Ben Garza Gym  1815 Howard St.
Casa De MaƱana  4702 Old Brownsville Rd.

Cliff Maus Village  1458 W Point Rd. (M- Th)
Del Mar College  101 Baldwin Blvd.
Garcia Arts Center  2021 Agnes St.
Joe Garza Recreation Center 3 204 Highland Ave.
John Paul High School  3036 Saratoga Blvd.
La Armada Family Resource Center  1455 Southgate Dr.
Lantana Square Apartments 5 802 Academy Dr.
Lexington Manor Community Center 3 102 Ray Ellison Dr.
Lindale Recreation Center 3 133 Swantner Dr.
LULAC Village Apartments  1417 Horne Rd.
McKinzie Family Resource Center  2842 McKinzie Rd.
Molina Neighborhood Center  614 Horne Rd.
Navarro Family Resource Center  160 N. 19th St.
North Side Manor Apartments  1401 N. Alameda St.
Northwest Senior Center  9725 Up River Rd.
Oak Park Recreation Center  842 Erwin Dr.
Oso Recreation Center 1 111 Bernice Dr.
Samuel Place Apartments  4315 Carroll Ln.
Solomon Coles Gym  924 Winnebago St.
South Pointe Apartments  5725 Curtis Clark Dr.
Treyway Apartments  2022 Treyway Ln.
Wiggins Family Resource Center  320 Buford St.
YMCA  417 S. Upper Broadway
YWCA  4601 Corona Dr.

There is also an afternoon snack served from 2:30 - 3:30pm. Spread the word.

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