Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Some Goals For 2013

I am leery of making resolutions with the challenges the last year and a half has brought me - just putting one foot in front of the other seems more appropriate most of the time.  I'm going to try, though.  I'm also going to be totally forgiving of myself if I fall short.


Work on my relationship with the Lone Star Baby who often gets the short end of the stick around here lately as we attend to her sister's busy schedule and talkative nature and other busy things in our lives.  More bedtime reading, more time spent together on chores, errands, etc.  No Disney or Nick unless it's in Spanish.  More family meals full of good discussions and more family games.

Spend time with the husband and make sure he knows he is loved.

Support the Lone Star Girl as she applies to colleges and for scholarships and spends her last year and a half at home (sob).

Spend time with my little sister before she moves away after the spring.

Really, I think those four are enough goals for me - plenty enough - but I will make some more. 


Lose thirty pounds (I need to lose more but I think 30 is good for one year) and keep it off.  

Spend more time outside.  

Work/Career-ish Things


Get high school certificate.

Start interacting more with the social work community again.


Become a more active citizen in environmental and other issues again.  

Spend time with friends. 

Be a good Girl Scout Leader.


Submit at least one poem each month.

Finish Baby Moon (I've only had the Bibliograhy left to go for like two years - I just lost interest) and a proposal for it.

Submit at least one essay/story/article per quarter.

Write for at least fifteen minutes at least five days each week (submissions count).

Publish Issue 11 of Lone Star Ma. (Please send submissions now!).

The list looks ridiculously exhausting to me on the whole - an outline of the fantasy life I would like to have rather than the reality I can manage.  I'll try to get closer to it, though, but I'll also try to stick to ways that make me feel happier, not ways that make me feel more overwhelmed.  That's a priority, too.



Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe said...

These are great, but one thing. May I gently suggest a fitness goal based more on eating and exercise habits than a number on the scale? Don't make yourself crazy :)

Mary Ellen said...

I've decided to call my goals "aspirations" rather than "resolutions" - then, no matter how much I do (or don't do), I'm not necessarily holding myself up to some standard of success. Just - keep aspiring! Keep reaching!

May you find joy in small steps toward your aspirations.

Lone Star Ma said...

I'm at a point now, Jenna, that even when I manage a long period of very reasonable eating and exercise (not that I do that as much as I should by any stretch!), I still don't lose much weight. My metabolism has dug in pretty deep and I have to be pretty unreasonable with my eating to lose weight, even when I exercise regularly. It's really hard to do that because if I eat enough healthy food (a modest amount) to have as much energy as I feel I need, no weight loss happens and I really have to lose the weight before menopause comes seriously knocking. I am going to have to make myself pretty crazy for awhile. Once it's lost, my metabolism will snap back as long as I exercise, I think, but I have to wrest the extra weight away first. Bleh. I expect the real fitness goals will come after I lose the weight because there is nothing very healthy about what I have to do to get there.

Aspirations - I like it.

Lone Star Ma said...

My metabolism has a lot do do with not getting nearly enough sleep, but that won't be changing any time in the next nine years so I have to do things the hard way.

Andrea said...

Sounds like a wonderful list! Good luck and have fun with it (and may I gently suggest adding "take care of Lone Star Ma" to that long list of taking care of other people?).